Quick Start Guide

Create Account

  1. Head over to the dashboard when you’re ready to get started, and follow instructions to log in.
  2. Make sure you’re on the websites screen (you should see an empty list of websites), and press the Add Website button in the upper right.
  3. Answer the onboarding questions (or ignore them if they’re not applicable)
  4. Click the link of your website in the table to open up a preview of our widget on your site!
  5. (Optional) Edit the list of subdomains you want us to crawl. Otherwise, we’ll pull content from all of them.

Slack Integration

  1. Make sure you’re on the websites page, and press the Add to Slack button in the row of the website you want to associate with a Slack workspace.
  2. Follow instructions to log in to Slack, and allow us permission to access workspace.
  3. Navigate to the Slack workspace you chose, and type /ask <any question> to make sure answerbot is installed.
  4. Customize the bot’s display name with /setbotname <name> and /setbotimage <link to image on web>. If the image you want to use is on your computer and not the internet, upload it to a cloud storage (such as s3 or even github) and then use the link to the image file.
  5. You can add answers to questions right from slack with the /answer <question> command, so that anyone who asks in future will get the right answer.

Add to Website

Copy and paste the code snippet at the bottom of the websites page, into the header section of your website’s code.

Customize the position of the widget on your site

Simply add the following before the Answerbot code snippet (mentioned above):

    window.answerbotSettings = {
        paddingHorizontal: 24,  # distance from the side of the page
        paddingVertical: 24,  # distance from the bottom of the page
        buttonHeight: 56,
        popupWidth: 448,
        alignment:  'left'  # align the widget 'left' or 'right'